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Displaying art in the workplace is so much more than adding a splash of colour to office walls. A bespoke office mural can make a statement about your company’s values, engage staff, clients and visitors, improve employee health and wellbeing, and can generate a more creative culture within the workplace. 


Employee engagement is receiving more and more attention as forward thinking companies are recognising the benefits of ensuring each member of their workforce feels valued, recognised and appreciated. Art in communnual spaces such as meeting rooms, lounges and break out areas, can serve as a focal point, inspire new conversation and open up dialogue between people that otherwise may have been lacking. The positive effects on staff morale and engagement can be far reaching.


Employees thrive in a positive and optimistic environment and research suggests that having art in the workplace increases creativity, efficiency and even productivity. Even a small increase in the productivity of a workforce can bring huge financial benefits to an organisation as a whole, as well as inspiring fresh approaches to everyday challenges.


Exposure to art is proven to reduce stress and tiredness, and increase wellbeing, relaxation and energy levels. By enriching work spaces with art, people feel much happier, more valued and work better.

Luke painted an incredible mural spanning throughout two of our office meeting rooms. We have him a brief which he absolutely smashed and we are so pleased with the artwork, it really makes the rooms come alive. Luke was incredibly professional and the artwork was completed on time with no disruption to those working in the office around him. Luke was really quick when coming up with designs for us and responded quickly to any minor changes we made. Thanks so much Luke!

Zira Pescod – Team Coordinator, Kaluza