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Engage with the local community with art classes and collaborative painting.


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Fantastic to work with Luke

Lina Brown, 12.14.2018

Luke Palmer is an artist from Bristol, UK who began painting graffiti and street art using the name Acerone during the mid-1990s as a member of the internationally acclaimed Twentieth Century Frescos crew. After receiving a BA Hons degree in Visual Art in 2003, he developed his practice painting street murals in cities across Europe and Australia, and exhibiting work in numerous art festivals, group exhibitions and 3 solo shows in Bristol and London. 

Whether using spray paint and brushes, video or photography; public art and engaging communities through creativity has been a central feature of Luke’s work for the past 25 years. He currently facilitates Tunisian Collaborative Painting workshops for artists, businesses and community groups, as well as curating group exhibitions and developing his own painting practice.
In 2018, Luke left his 15 year career as a lecturer to fulfil his dream of being a full time artist and director of Collaborative Painting UK.

Artist Statement

I believe that everyone has the ability to be creative and that by doing so, we can improve our own health and wellbeing; because art has the power to engage, inspire, entertain and heal. My background in street art and graffiti has allowed me to explore the collaborative practice in many different environments and with a diverse range of people and communities. Collaboration continues to play a key role in much of the work I create today, as I aim to harness my passion for creativity and share it for the benefit of others.

My mural work captures the energy and movement of the inner-city and replays it using bold vibrant colours through spray, emulsion and acrylic paint. These paintings can often be found on the streets in my home town of Bristol, but also in corporate offices, art galleries, museums, and in private residencies.

As I continue to develop as a professional artist my practice expands beyond that of my own painting and into curating exhibitions, delivering high impact community engagement projects, public speaking and corporate team building and training; I am in my element when working creatively with others.